New to Asana - Q about Projects for Photography Biz

I am just joining Asana and it shows to be very promising. I have my own photography/videography company (just me, no employees). My work is divided into Corporate videos, wedding videos, and wedding photography. My question is what would be the best way to use projects? Should I create a new project for each new client so I can create a workflow inside that I can follow? Or should I create more broad topic projects like “Wedding Clients” where I group everything? At any given time I have roughly 15 active clients that I’m working with. I’m just a little confused with the best way to use projects. Thanks so much in advance.

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How many tasks do you normally have for a typical client?

@James_Carl a part of me feels like it could be more simple based, or it could include their entire workflow chart. So it could go either way. But potentially 10-20 tasks per client?


JGenerally there is a rule to maximize to the highest structure available to create the most flexibiity. Having said that I think there is always a trump card on how many executable task you have. Hiarchy being:


If you are not an organization there is not the Team hiarchy but with 10-20 tasks per client it would not be necessary to have a client be a Team anyways. That leaves you two viable options to divide Clients, being Projects and Sections and with 10-20 tasks per client you are right on the boarder at the client level. But! you said that you at any one time you have 15-20 clients going. So if I do my math correctly you could have 150-400 tasks (albeit they would not all be uncompleted at any one time. Then it depends on the concentration of your work between the various categories. So here is my recommendation, stick with each client being a project so your maximize your remaining hierarchy available… If you are signed up as an organization consider creating a Team almost as a visual divider of different segments of your work, ie Wedding Photography, Wedding Videos, Corporate Videos and put clients as projects under each. BUT do not add each client as a Team Member if you do this you introduce the potential of clients seeing other client work. Alternatively if you are not an Organization and even if you are an Organization and do not want the Team divider, use prefixes in naming your projects (clients). WP-Jones WV-Thomas CV-Acme Company that identify the segments of your work type. One man’s opinion.


Like @James_Carl said, I’d also advise you to have a project for each client. Another way of quickly seeing which client falls into which category is by color coding them in addition to the suggested prefixes. I’d suggest you use three colors that are easily distinguishable and something like grey for your tasks that are not related to one specific client. :wink:

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