Focus on projects vs tasks?

Hi there - I’m being asked to look at Asana for a creative team. We take in requests, and then assign them to a producer who pretty much owns them end to end. There’s rarely more than 1-2 people involved in a project.

I see a lot of task based management, but I just want to be able to see all my projects at a high level, assign them, give them due dates, and update them. I don’t need to get that granular with a bunch of task assignments.

Any thoughts? Should I be looking at a different platform?

Hi @Jeremy_Clark

I have several clients that run projects as tasks.

Perhaps use a single project with the first section for intake, then sections per producer. Once you triage the task within intake, move it to a producer to have work done either manually or via a rule.

Use subtasks to track work.

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