Service based businesses.... preference of clients as projects or tasks as clients?

I own a bookkeeping firm and have started to integrate Asana into my workflow. I am curious to see how other bookkeepers/tax preparers/accountants are setting up their Asana. I’m wondering if it will become too clutter if I listed every client as a project versus listed the project as ‘Client Work’ and adding the clients as tasks and then subtasks would be the recurring monthly/quarterly bookkeeping or tax preparation.

Have you found a better solution?

I don’t particularly like that I can’t set my custom fields such as status and priority to each sub task!

Feedback is appreciated!

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I have clients that do both but what I have seen is to have each client as a project but also use multi-homing of task in order to not get overwhelmed. You can then have a custom field not connected to the client but to the main review project. its easier to add and to keep track. If you use Business then the use of Rules will give your workflow superpower! and then you also have access to portfolio die have a high lever overview of your whole workflow or just some clients.

This will keep the sub-tasks for smaller checklists or next actions.


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So I read over your comment a couple of different times to grasp the concept you find as best practice.
You create Clients as Projects…
Each Project (Client) has tasks (such as recurring bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and so forth) …
Then you create a Project that “summarizes” all the tasks for the clients…

Correct me if I’m wrong!
If you pull the clients into a summary what are you summarizing? The client in a whole or just want is coming up? Any examples?

Been playing around with Asana trying to grasp some ideas! :grinning: :crazy_face:

Here is a short video with a quick Idea on how you could use it. There is so much more you can do, but just to get you started. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


@Paul_Grobler LOVE LOVE LOVE this concept, I have been TRYING to wrap my mind around how I wanted to successfully set this up to reflect correctly. Do you find listing each client out into a project gets to be too much when dealing with over 75 clients? I work with a lot of tax work during my ‘busy’ season and see this as something that may get cluttered.

Have you explored the idea of doing a project named bookkeeping and the task being the client name and then sub tasks are the recurring tasks and tagging that client name within the project with a tag and having an overall client list project that you can essentially tag as well to pull all the information?

I’m sitting here really grasping your idea and LOVING how it can utilized and by the way… thank you for taking the time to make this video today! :clap: :raised_hands:

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