Team / Project hierarchy

A typical org will have several “real world” teams, and several projects.
Some teams might work on several projects, and some projects might be worked on by several teams.
Or individuals within a team might be contributing to other projects.

Are there some guidelines, best practices regarding when to create teams and projects?

Some pros and cons of different approaches?

Those who advise other organizations may have better/more specific comments but here’s my approach:

I make a team for anything I want grouped together or when I want to assign duplicate tasks to the same people. So I have the following teams:

  • All-staff (1)
  • Departments (6)
  • Cross-department Committees (7)

Individual projects generally fall under one of those three types of teams. Someone doesn’t need to be part of a team if they’re a one-off contributor to a project, so I really try to keep it to who are the main people involved in the project.

I also have a templates team until the day that Asana fixes how templates work.

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