Architecture: organize projects with Asana

Hi, I´m an architect woking on different projects, some as an independent architect, some others for small firms. I´m new to Asana and trying to organize all projects i´m working on, so it would be really useful if anyone could share their own experience with this kind of complex issue!
I´m trying to work out a system where I can clearly see all projects at once, project stages, different projects a single client needs and everything architectural firms would need to visualize to organize and be more productive.

As i said, i´m new to Asana, reading a lot, so any feedback and experience will be really useful!


Perhaps this will supply a good grounding (disclaimer: I’m the chapter author):

As for your detailed questions, they depend on your details; I don’t think there’s a single answer even for an architect.


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Hi @A.Z, as Larry said there really are a lot of options around your account set-up depending on needs. This easiest way is just to start…and make adjustments/changes are you go along. I almost always recommend setting up as an organization. It just gives you the most flexibility and options to allocate work and task management.

A few past forum threads which may also provide some help in your case are: Consulting with External Clients in Asana and Professional services firms: how have you set up Asana to balance internal vs external communications with clients? Hope this helps!


Thanks Larry, i´ll take a look at your chapter!

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