Asana and architectural practices


I’m an architect now working as a consultant in Organization Design for Architecture.
I work in Asana for myself since quite a while, and recently I’ve started testing Asana with some of my clients to see how Asana could assist architects in their practice.
Are there any other architectsin the community already using Asana to exchange experiences?
At the moment I’m struggling finding the best way to organize the Organization. I’ve set every architectural project as Project, but find it quite limited to use the project’s process (preliminary design, definitive design) as main sections within the project, I’d like to test sections and task as research themes or maybe deadlines.
Any feedback is welcome!


I think any services industry has the same dilemma of where to start in the Asana hierarchy after organization. With Teams-Project-Sections, Tasks and Subtasks available along with custom fields there is flexibility. I would love to see your exact question have some good feedback across multiple industries. I have attached an Excel jpg of what I presume would be the structure similar to what you are discussing only in construction. I think your choices are to make Team be the project or Team be the Client and continue with Projects to do everything. Based on the attached it would seem that you could continue with Projects and use Sections to be the stages, but certainly you can back things up the hiarchy. If you use the Project-Sections-Task layout, I would use subtasks for attachments even if you were using Dropbox, Box or Google Drive so you could have great descriptions of the attachments and could take advantage of versioning in Dropbox, Box or Google and conversations on attachments. Because Advance Searches does not pick up Sections well, I would use a custom field if you have premium for the stage (which is also the section). This would allow some great searches across projects for stages. In addition you could use custom fields for more data as well as the third party integration, Instaganttt for gantt charts So after a long-winded reply I would try the Team=Client, Project (or multiple)-Sections-Tasks-Subtasks and use one of the storage options for attachments with versioning.


I would also recommend that Asana consider allowing Expand and Collapse to the Section level.**


We’ve been using Asana for a while now with our projects simply set up as Asana Projects too. Historically we’ve used it as a simple collaborative to-do list. No use of Sections or anything like that. Just task assignment as the tasks pop up.

But now I’m starting to explore other uses. My first experiment today has been to produce a drawing programme in Asana. I’ve added all the drawings we need to produce, with a section for each set of drawings (e.g. GA Plans) and added drawing issues as subtasks to each drawing. I’ve then added linked this to Instagantt to produce a gantt chart programme. To begin with I’ve just started adding the dates within Asana for drawings we’ve already issued but I’m going to have a go at fleshing out the drawing programme in Instagantt today.

Leftover from this we still have all our other tasks relating to the project. So I’ve divided them up into the following sections: Tasks to Do, Tasks in Progress (although I may ditch this one) and Tasks Completed. I’ve then switched the view to show all tasks (and saved this view for everyone).

But now I’m thinking I might separate out the general tasks and the drawing programme into separate Asana Projects. Having the two together is a bit cumbersome, and now that I’ve divided general tasks into to-do, in-progress and done, I think I’d like to give the Asana Board format a go. I think the drawing programme is suited much better to the List format.


CA here for a small-ish architecture firm on some incredible and BIG projects. Just started using Asana and now have the Contractor on board as well. Currently TRYING to use it to trach docs, RFI’s - Subs other CD’s. Anyone HAVE it set up for this PURPOSE? Tips? TYIA


I have been using Asana for almost 2 years fit my Architecture practice. I have set up my system based on the GTD methodology. It works for the design process as well as during construction. I also have a project Setup for business development.


Architect, and Project manager for projects across Europe, I have been successfully been using Asana to manage teams & projects. Each project is broken down into stages of the project: Concept, Schematic, Building permit, etc… It helps me organize them in a Gantt view with Instagantt. It also makes sure that all the elements/information are shared across teams and that nothing is forgotten. It is also great to involve all stakeholders of the project and offer a very transparent collaborative way of developing the project. What it is less successful at doing, is being a central location to access files. As files are only visible in Buddle, without versions, without specific organization other than the task it is attached to. I find users have also a hard time using the very powerful search engine asana offers.


Ken, would you be willing to share some of your project templates with the group?


Paul, would you be willing to share a typical project example? This would be very helpful, even if just a pdf so we can understand your workflow.