About the use of Asana in architecture, construction, and civil engineering

I would like to gradually gather and organize information about architecture, construction, and civil engineering.


Challenges and Accumulation of Small Successes: Kajima Construction Yokohama Branch’s Task Force on Business Improvement. Introduction effects: paperless operation, progress management, consultation, etc.

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This is a great resource @Ka_Nishiyama , thank you for putting this together!

I actually discovered Asana whilst in my previous 20-year career as an Architect which, like anyone in the construction industry would agree, it can be a very demanding profession whilst working on extremely complex projects with numerous stakeholders, partners, contractors etc. Needless to say, planning and coordination are key to successful execution.

Clearly, Asana saved me and my team from burnout and the chaos of working with just email, WhatsApp (shame shame) and dozens of elaborate excel sheets that were static and disconnected from our work.

Since then, as an Asana Solutions Partner, I’ve set up Asana for numerous clients as well as companies in the construction industry; from design deliverables, drawing lists, construction schedules, visualization pipelines, real estate listings… you name it - there is nothing that can’t be built into Asana. All these clients tell me how much time Asana has saved them and helped them better coordinate and execute their work, without dropping the ball!

:star_struck: Free Custom Fields

In case anyone is in need of levelling up their Asana projects, I have created a library of custom fields which can be imported into your Asana space for free! Look out for my ‘:house_with_garden: Real Estate’ collection that includes numerous useful fields related to the industry.

:memo: RIBA Plan of Work template

I also have a template to share, for those in the UK or that follow the RIBA Plan of Work, here it is in the form of an Asana project which you can import into your space right now by using this link.

Give it a few seconds to be fully created before you start using it. You can add your own tasks and deliverables to this project, and also save it as an Asana template to set relative due dates and dynamic project roles. I actually built this template for demo purposes so I would love to know what you think! :wink:


The Free Custom Fields and the RIBA Plan of Work template you’ve created are valuable resources for professionals in the field. They seem to offer a practical solution for enhancing project management in Asana, especially tailored for the real estate and construction sectors.

Hi @beredis , welcome to the forum :wave:
Glad you found my resources helpful!

Let me know if you require any assistance with your Asana :wink:

@Richard_Sather - wow just stumbled across this post (and your field gallery)…game changing

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