Construction Projects

Anyone using Asana for Construction Projects? Looking for templates and feedback on whether or not Asana is good for managing construction. I’m used to using MS Project and other supporting tools but want to know more about Asana.

Hi @Sean_Kendall, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

You can find a list of all Asana-created templates by selecting "Use a template’ when creating a new project.

While I can’t offer any specific advice relating to construction projects, I’ll leave this thread open so members of our Community can offer some suggestions! :slight_smile:

Thanks but none of the templates are geared towards construction. Would be starting from scratch I guess. ??

Yes, that’s correct @Sean_Kendall. There are no Asana-created templates geared towards construction. You can of course create your own template for this purpose! :slight_smile: