Building a to do list for real estate development

Hello Asana Users!
I am a student intern for a smaller real estate development company and am looking to optimize my company’s operations through Asana.

I proposed Asana after a pleasant personal experience tracking simple personal tasks, I aim to leverage Asana to aid in the organizational and PM aspects of the company.

As developers, we are responsible for construction in a project/ trade management capacity. With two months of Asana use, I am looking for ways to advance Asana use to a higher level, hopefully to the point of partially automated checklists superintendents use to verify we are on track or to flag any issues.

Could anyone share or advise on template/ automation ideas?


Maybe check out for ideas? (I created it)

Hey @Noah_Antoniuk,

you can also find existing threads around this topic in the forum too.

A few examples are: