Asana for Real Estate

We just upgraded to Asana Premium and are hoping to use it at a higher level and replace come of our other systems for managing our Real Estate team. Any tips, tricks or ways you have used Asana for managing Real Estate and transactions would be awesome!



Have a look at Templana we have some templates about real estate. You can also suggest a template yourself later!

Hi @Missy_Ashcraft, I’ve consulted a few real estate agencies and management companies on Asana. Would be happy to help if you’re looking for customized assistance.


Hi @Todd_Cavanaugh I am interested in learning more…

Hi @Missy_Ashcraft, good to hear you’ve upgraded to premium. If it were me, I’d look at setting up a project where each task represents a property. You then use the subtasks to track the tasks you need to complete for each property sale.

With the custom fields, you could use numerical fields to track property values. You could use a drop-down menu to highlight the “stage” that the property sale is in. In fact, I would take this a step further and sort your project by status = stage so you can see a clear list of all properties auto-sorted by sale stage.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


I think some of the input is going to be based on the total scope of your real estate company, ie developer, property management, broker etc., size of your organization, etc. The scope will cause iteration of structure including the constant hiarcheal structure discussion of Teams-Projects-Sections-Tasks-Subtasks.

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This is fantastic. What a great idea. Can I take 5 minutes of your time to ask a few questions? We run about 200 transactions a year and I was getting some pushback from our TC’s about templating our listings with Asana, I’ve been running them on Freedcamp and it sounds like you have it figured out.


Hi James – I’d be interested in talking to you about this in more detail.

Hi James - are you available to talk about this more detail?

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I need a good template to track agents daily, weekly and yearly goals. I want to see the progress they are doing to meet the goals


Maybe have a look at my post The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana and the section about OKR :man_shrugging:

@Todd_Cavanaugh Are you still open to consulting real estate teams with Asana? Specifically setting it up as a CRM to track clients before the sale.

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Hi @Jennifer_Hodgens—you bet. Feel free to reach out at Asana Consulting » Project Management Pros™ and I’ll get back to you shortly!

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