There exists a general template for developping real estate projects?


Hi Asana comunity!
I have just move to Asana and I would like to use it for mananing my real estate developping company.
Some of you do you know if there exist a general template adapted to this industry that helps me to organize the mine?
Thank you!


You can check out, we have for example


Welcome to the community Josep!
If you did not find a generic template that suits you, share with us what exactly you want to achieve and we can help you design your own template in less than 5 minutes on ASANA :slight_smile:



I have just built one for our real estate development business and happy to discuss as our businesses might have synergies we can share


Hi Seuj,

Thank you very much for your proposal. It would be a pleasure to share with you synergies or any other expriences that could both profit of it.

In our case, we are knew in using Asana but I can show you how we plan our developments.

Do you want to talk by Skype of by Whatsapp?



Thank you Bastien!
It looks very useful. I’ll take a look to it and come to you if needed.
Thank u.


No worries at all @Josep_Sintes. Let me know how you would like to communicate.


Hi Josep,
I have been managing numourous real-estate projects over the past years. Large & small. I have created several templates but believe that each project has its own life cycle and project stakeholders and they are thus very quickly adapted to fit the need. I am happy to share with you my experience,


Hi Seuj,
Thank you for your e-mail. I gave you my personal e-mail o phone by I was advice by Asana I couldn’t do this.
Are you in Europe?
I thought we could communicate by Google Meet or any other aplication as Skype (has u a user pass?)

I could show how I expect to organise tasks ( and from them subtasks) in my developments by I woud need how others have done it in order to avoid to become in a nightmare during the deveopment process.




Hi Josep,

Sorry for very late reply. You can contact me through email
Happy to share experience.