Template Ideas Needed

Hi, everyone!

I work at www.templana.com with Bastien Siebman. We help to create templates for Asana. We’re looking for some fresh ideas, and we’re willing to offer our all-in-one bundle to any template idea that someone could give us or help us create, that we end up turning into a template. Any takers?

Here’s the all-in-one bundle: :slightly_smiling_face: Templana, anything is possible with Asana


I can’t believe no one has template ideas! Come on people! :muscle:


@Meagan_Roppo I have a few ideas. Templates for:

  • instructional design project
  • elearning project
  • application migration project (such as migrating from one LMS platform to another)

Thanks @Marsha_Slaybaugh do you feel like creating one or more of them yourself?

Hi Meagan,
Here are some things that I would like to track with Asana:

Departmental processes and procedures.
Professional development planning.
Conference attendance, learning, reporting (everything from scheduling, to gathering info at the conference, thanking your manager, and presenting to internal team upon return to the office)
All-staff event planning
On-boarding checklist with tasks that change based on start date.
COI (Certificate of Insurance) tracking based on company and expiration date.

I’m looking for a template to manage our organizational Training & Learning, including requests for training from employees and their managers approvals.
Any idea where I can find an example or how to create a template like this?
I’m pretty new to Asana

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My website https://templana.com/ could be a good start. Most Certified Pro or Solution Partners (like @Julien_RENAUD and I) have training templates for our clients :slight_smile:

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Hi Bastien,
Thanks for the answer.
I’ve already gone over your website several times, but haven’t found anything which can help.
I’m looking at a way to manage our internal, organizational learning/training efforts, not train on Asana.
I want to create the template myself, and am looking for ideas/pointers on how to do this.

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