Template Ideas Needed



Hi, everyone!

I work at www.templana.com with Bastien Siebman. We help to create templates for Asana. We’re looking for some fresh ideas, and we’re willing to offer our all-in-one bundle to any template idea that someone could give us or help us create, that we end up turning into a template. Any takers?

Here’s the all-in-one bundle: :slightly_smiling_face: https://templana.com/templates/all-in-one-bundle/


I can’t believe no one has template ideas! Come on people! :muscle:


@Meagan_Roppo I have a few ideas. Templates for:

  • instructional design project
  • elearning project
  • application migration project (such as migrating from one LMS platform to another)


Thanks @Marsha_Slaybaugh do you feel like creating one or more of them yourself?