Asana as a Learning Management System (training tracker)?


I’m looking to create a tool to track our company training curriculum…assign courses, track who’s completed which course, etc. Thinking Asana could be used but not sure how to set it up efficiently. Would love to hear from anyone who’s attempted this and/or is successfully running a learning management system through Asana.


Hi Gail,

This is great idea, I love it. Have you watched any of the Asana Academy videos. I think you will get some ideas on how you can structure courses based on the training module that Asana uses in the Academy.

Additionally, we use this for 1:1 meetings in our office in which we have a component of professional development. I’ve built out my private 1:1 area that only my supervisor and I can see with meeting agenda items, meeting notes, my current job description, past performance evaluations, current professional development goals, and professional development completions. Each of those are section headers and both I and my supervisor have contributed to the lists and helped to determine things like priority level or timelines.

I imagine that you can set up a variety of different projects and spaces for a company wide initiative. I think Asana would be fantastic for this purpose.

I hope that helps,


In my company we have sat up a onboarding template when new employees join.
Each time, the HR team creates a project from the template and name it with the new employee name. They assign the tasks to this employee, IT, HR or the manager. It contains documents to fill in, training,…in brief all what’s needed to make their integration perfect.
Doing so, HR can follow the progress of the process, and check everything is done :+1:

As @Katie_Reynolds says, Asana have a guide for this king is stuff, for instance the following page:

And maybe @Bastien_Siebman also have some other Templana templates :thinking:

Hope that will help you.


Indeed if you look for “onboarding” on =)


Thanks, I already use a template for onboarding, but what I need is something that can be used for training ALL employees, not just new folks. Something that assigns new training modules to specific people/roles, and track when the training has been completed. Since I can only assign a task to one person, I would need to create a new training module ‘task’ for each person every time we add a training session–which could be 50 people or more. I’m trying to avoid that, or at least make it as efficient as possible.


Hi Gail,

Remember you can assign tasks to whole teams and it will copy the task to each of those team members. That’s a good shortcut that you can use.

I would set up a project for each module that you want employees to work through. Use custom fields and advance reports to monitor progress of employees as they complete the training modules.

I hope this helps,


This would help streamline setup, thanks! And it might be worth setting up specific ‘roles’ as ‘teams,’ since different roles will have different training modules assigned to them.