HR Friends - Show me your onboarding projects!

I am hoping to begin tracking onboarding to the company in Asana but am curious to see how others are doing it.

Are you creating a project for each new employee? That seems tedious but you can’t create a recurring project. Maybe use a project template?

And you keeping it all in one project? How do you have that broken up?

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What rules are you using?
What custom fields?

I wanna see it all!

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Hey @Jerrica,

I recommend taking a look here: Templana, anything is possible with Asana and How to use Asana for onboarding new hires | Product guide • Asana, 3️⃣ main steps to onboarding a new employee in Asana, What is your process for onboarding new staff into Asana? - #2 by Julien_RENAUD

In our company, we have a separate team related to HR. Within there we have created a project per position. Then we create forms that applicants fill out so we can capture their details and other questions for the first round of vetting.
Once a form entry comes in it is multi-homed with one main HR project. We have several rules running that would for example select the correct custom field entry for the position they are applying for, languages they speak, etc. This heavily depends on individual needs as every company is different.

Then in the main HR board we have all kind of stages required such as Initial Stage, Interview, Test Task, Negotiation, Onboarding, Training Phase, Joined the team, etc

For every new candidate a task is created and subtasks are automatically added for all the steps we have to attend, should we decide to move forward. These subtasks include: saving their CV, signing NDA, contract signing, email creation, adding them to the relevant Asana projects, assigning a welcome pack, and more

Now if a candidate is being onboarded we create a project for them based on a template. That template contains a welcome pack with infos on the company culture, general rules, tips and tricks about programs/tools, specific tips depending on the position they are joining and so on.
The reason why we create a separate project for them is since we directly want the relevant coordinators to have access to all their tasks + most important we use a time tracking tool for which it is required that each task is added to a project in order for it to show up in the time tracker under the relevant project.


I don’t know how to share a project, so I’ve included a screenshot of our onboarding mega-checklist. I’d also be happy to send you a CSV you can import as a starting point.

When we onboard someone new we duplicate the project from the last hire and start from there. Then we adjust as needed. Tasks get assigned to the responsible person depending on the department. The project contains everything from preparing, ordering equipment, to first projects, scheduling meetings with other team members, and weekly check-ins.

Hope this helps.