What is your process for onboarding new staff into Asana?

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I am still getting the hang of using Asana to its most effective range. Our organisation was introduced to Asana through a project where the project manager integrated us into this platform! We have slowly been adopting it from there and it’s now becoming used org wide. This has been quite ad-hoc however and no specific onboarding/training has been put in place. It’s been a case of the team showing the new staff member a bit of asana and then everyone is still just working it out as we go.

As we get to place of formalising the orgs use of this platform, I wanted to get tips of what your steps are when a new staff member joins your company? Who trains them, what training do you give them? Do you then give out regular training to a select core to keep everyone up to date? Keen for insights and examples!

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You can find some tips here:

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions.


@Laura_P second what @Julien_RENAUD said read that post and also have a look at this guide article https://asana.com/guide/resources/checklists/onboarding-checklist
There is also a great onboarding template project that can be used. Also have a look at the training site for more details.

And after all tag definitely reach out to the Forum people will gladly give you some ideas…

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Thanks @Jason_Woods and @Julien_RENAUD!


I think your approach is sound, but it becomes tougher as adoption increases. See @Julien_RENAUD article that really helped me with this. I like to start with a project / process that the team is part of. This gives them context on how they can use the new Asana tool. I do this first. But, I follow up with some other use cases to help get some ideas churning… What I’ve not been good with is following up. I opened up “office hours for Asana help”, but didn’t get many takers. What I realized is that as more and more people get onboard with Asana, you’ll need help supporting them in their use of the product. Recruiting Asana Champions in your org (you probably have a couple of keen adopters), to act as mentors to new users can help. The Asana Team Onboarding and Adoption template is a very good starting point too. I downloaded it, and its use is mentioned here.
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Thanks so much @Mark_Nattress

Hi Laura, I know this is a little older so I’m not sure if you still need a hand with this or not… but I made a quick video to explain how we do this - we use a combo of Asana and systemHUB

Basically Asana handles the accountability and checking off as they go through the onboarding - anyway it’s explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvcXOObinVA