Asana Adoption Surge

Hi @Mark_Nattress,
@Marie Thank you for the mention :wink:

After I started Asana in my company a year and a half ago, we have 200 licenses today. Asana’s deployment takes time and it’s a rich experience managing that from the beginning.

So like you, I first trained the people to whom I introduced Asana, and through word of mouth, I quickly had 20, then 30 … and then too many people to train. So, I did advanced training to a few people who could carry the idea of ​​a deployment of Asana within the company.

When we reached more than 100 accounts, and all geographic locations heard about Asana, points were organized with my management, and we validated the tool and its official deployment this time in the company. And important point Asana continued to be managed by the collaborators and therefore mainly by me.

So here are some tips from my experience:

  1. You need to make sense and explain your vision of Asana in your company and explain what the tool could bring, it’s very important if you want people to adhere to your idea.
  2. Asana is very flexible and there are plenty of ways to meet a need. So you need to be able to offer several answers for a given problem, and then the colleague or the team will choose what suits them best. And to open up to other practices, the Community Forum is the best place!
  3. I trained an expert in each service and on each geographic site so that all users have local support, and who knows their daily life better. I then regularly lead this team of experts, which allows us to discuss news, share difficulties and good practices. Lots to say :wink: Then they transmit information to their team.
  4. We have created a team opened to everyone with training (sat up as projects) for beginners, experts, … and each new hire is trained by his local expert.
  5. As a result of point 4, we must unfortunately not hope that people take the time alone to train, we must go to them in general.
  6. There will be difficult times in the deployment, but believe it, the change is never obvious but it is worth it.
  7. Another tips: @Sebastian_Paasch has written a great post on implementation
    Asana Implementation Process: Best practices and lessons learned from different companies

These are some ideas but I could talk about that during hours :wink: