New Employee Onboarding with Template Introduction

My first big project with Asana was to build an onboarding template for new employees. It worked out great. Two new team members are starting on Tuesday, and all the template needs is a quick introduction to Asana. There are a lot of great ‘getting started’ training videos about building projects etc. But is there an article or video specifically set up to introduce a new employee who’s starting in the Asana employee onboarding template?

Hi @Lia_Sparks

not sure if I got your question right.
Are you searching for a description on how to use the Asana onboarding project template?
Then this article might help: Free Ultimate Template for Employee Onboarding • Asana

Or are you searching for an article on how to onboard new employees on the Asana functionalities?

I’m looking for an article for a new employee instructing them on how to use their first (onboarding) project. The template instructions are for the one setting up the template – lots of the Asana introductions seem to start with “how to build a project” but the new employees don’t need to know all of that on their first day. They just need to know how to work through the tasks provided. Is there a brief introductory article that starts with “How to use this project?” to get them started?

Did you have a look at the Asana Academy?

I mean Asanas overall „way of thinking“ is project orientated. So to my understanding it is mandatory to understand what a project is about before you dig into the details of how tasks work.

Leaving that out doesn’t provide a whole picture of Asana and where the actual user is at when clicking through.