🤝🏻 New hire onboarding template

We all love Asana templates. But one of the best templates we have is overlooked by many companies: the new hire onboarding template.

The other day a client told me “we only hire a few people a year, I am not sure we need a template”.

I believe you always need a template, even if like us you hire a single person each year. Because an onboarding process has many steps, and any improvement to the process means a extra comfort for the hired employee!

Below is a vanilla version of our current onboarding process we used twice. Feel free to steal it or ask us for explanations.

Create a 1-on-1 project in Asana

Assign tasks to this project

:asterisk: As soon as hiring is confirmed

Send hiring promise

Confirm arrival date with future employee

Draw up employment contract

Send hiring form to accountant

Have Asana swag delivered

Order company swag

:asterisk: D - 1 month

Get computer

Order a credit card

:asterisk: D - 1 week

Add to single personnel register

Declare to company mutual insurance company

Schedule pre-employment medical check-up

Give access to projects in Asana

Add calendar events

Create Google Workspace account

Install all company software, create all accounts

Make private tasks where hiring has been discussed

:asterisk: D-Day :grinning:

Explain the various meetings

Create task to check for unsent comments

Present objectives

Ask employees to share their “My Tasks” with the team

Raise safety awareness

Read and sign employment contract

:asterisk: Week #1

Create e-mail signature

Add photo to website

Train on Asana

Update LinkedIn account

Explain how vacations & RTT work

:asterisk: Months #1 to #3

HR review after 1 month

:asterisk: After Month #4

Set priorities for the year

End-of-probation review

Here’s the project we’ve created to import directly into your Asana space (import takes a few minutes): Log in - Asana

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


and then an off-boarding template for hopefully years later :wink:


People never leave us, we are amazing. cc @Arthur_BEGOU our latest hire :slight_smile:



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Yes we have both onboarding and offboarding templates! I’ll see if there are some things to pull in from yours.

Thanks for this! Do you duplicate for each new hire or how is this actually used?

Thank you! This is helpful and timely.

Very helpful. I’ll check our onboarding template against yours for things we may have overlooked.

Can you elaborate or link to me to the relevant steps for “Create task to check for unsent comments”?

cc: @Jonah_Townsley

@Becky_Martin1 the home now has a widget called « unsent comments » (or equivalent) to see any comment you forgot to send. So I suggest each person has a task to remember going there every 2-3 days.

It is an Asana project template.

Great thoughts on here as always, Bastien! Definitely a few ideas to pull from moving into the future!

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I’ve created an entire onboarding and training program using Asana templates. We consistently get told by our new hires that it’s the best system they’ve encountered. We are able to get new hires up and running much faster and with a better understanding of our product and/or codebase.

Now, I just need Asana project templates to be a little more functional and customizable to achieve next level…