Asana for Interior Design - questions

Hi @Jackie_DiCiacco,
Hope you are doing well. I saw in a post from June of 2021 that you are a consultant and that you worked with an Interior Design client. I was recently hired to serve in the same role. My client wants to use Asana.

I am working hard to get up to speed.

I have two questions: If the client is working on multiple rooms in the home, do you put all of the rooms in one project with sections to separate them or have a separate project for each room?

Second, what have you found to be the best process for tracking all of the items that the interior designer purchases on behalf of the client?

My client would like to link a Google Sheet in the task instead of tracking in the software.

My issue with this solution is she cannot is a report across all of her clients.

Lastly, do you recommend a software reporting package to link to Asana tthat can take the orders from all packages and give her a report?

I appreciate your help.

My best,

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Hi @alison9 and welcome to the forum!

FYI I moved your post to its own topic here since it’s not really related to subtask sections.

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Hi @Phil_Seeman - thank you. Do you have any thoughts or do I wait for community response? I’m a newbie to the community. My best, Alison

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Hello Alison,
Thank you for reaching out! Asana is great for interior designers.

  1. The methods for organizing the project within Asana depends on the firm’s billing, presentation, and project management methods. It works most efficiently when the Asana outline matches the structure of the firm’s project methods. Work with your client to best understand their operations here.
  2. As for tracking, I would always rely on the firm’s existing system for purchase orders to develop tracking reports etc. Chances are they are already invested in a program and may just need to utilize more of it’s features. You can integrate Asan for daily/weekly/monthly reminders, tasks to run those reports, or meetings to review the reports. If there are key items on the report that need specific follow up with the vendor, shipping, or receiving warehouse creating tasks/sub tasks is a better approach for tracking.
  3. In Asana you can attach documents to all tasks, including excel sheets.

If you would like further consulting efforts to help collaborate and get a specific outlines tailored to your interior design firm feel free to reach me directly for my consulting pricing.
Have a great day.


Hi Jackie,
Thank you for your response. My client does not have a Purchase Order system. Maybe we should look at incorporating that into the mix. I appreciate your help. My best, Alison

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