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thanks in advance for your help.
I am Omar and I run a small tour agency in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. We sell excursions, diving trips, camels etc. :smiley:

We are a team of 8 persons and we have about 10 000 customers a year. We have met great growth but our workflow is really messy.

I would like to create Asana to improve and manage every client and their activities better, but being new to Asana I’m really confused on how to.

Clients can order 3 or more excursions that will take place in different days. I would like to send an invoice to accountant when deal is closed, then track each one of the client excursions, Set a reminder 6 hours before it takes place, update it when it’ s done; then a new reminder for a new excursion …

I thought about creating a new Project for every new client, but in high seasons we can have more than 100 clients a day and I bet that would be pretty messy . I really don’t know how to implement my idea and whether Asana is the best tool to achieve it

hope someone can contribute, it would be much appreciated.

I though a

BTW, we get new clients through our youtube channel, then they contact us on whatsapp through website and we provide them all the info there with a software called respond. io

the idea is everytime a deal is closed ( excursions paid in advance ) we update a customfield in respond.io and through Zapier a new Project (client) is created in Asana, where we track the state of their excursions etc.

Hello Omar, I have a similar set up but with less clients and only one team member. Just wanted to know if you were able to use asana to improve your workflow?