Client THEN Project hierarchy?


Hello! First time poster and current trial user of Asana here. Like many creative agencies we struggle with finding a PM software that checks all the boxes. We’re currently using Paymo and have found their lack of robustness in Reporting and the inability to share GANTT charts to be deal breakers.

Because we have many returning clients, one thing that is important to us is that we be able to have a Client THEN Project hierarchy, which I haven’t quite figured out the best way to do in Asana. What is a standard practice when it comes to this need? Because we run 20 - 25 projects at one, having a top level “Client” bin in the hierarchy is helpful in managing the workload and metrics over time.

Would I need to use Portfolios to accomplish this? Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance!


Hi @Wes_Kennison!

I would say Portfolios would probably be the best way to group your projects by client. That’s definitely one of the use cases that Asana envisioned for them.

There is a hierarchical level, Teams, which sits above Projects in an organization, so that would be another option; although in terms of nomenclature it’s probably a bit off to think of a client as a Team, unless you happen to have distinct separate internal teams, one per client.

I’d advise trying it with Portfolios and with Teams, and compare those approaches to see which best fits your needs.

Others here will probably chime in as well!