Projects Sections tasks and subtasks

Is the layout in ASANA:
Project - Section - Task - Subtask
For example:

Yes, that’s correct.

For completeness, don’t forget there are one or two levels above Project: Organization/Workspace and Team. (If your top level is an Organization, then you have Teams below it.) So the full model is:

Organization - Team - Project - Section - Task - Subtask
Workspace - Project - Section - Task - Subtask

Also, note that Sections are entirely optional - you can use one or more in a particular Project if it’s needed/appropriate, but you don’t have to.


Thanks Phil, much appreciated

For further completeness, unlike other levels, “sections” are barely levels. If you move the “Section Title”, Asana does not automatically move the tasks that were under the section title. You’ll need to assure you are choosing the “section title” task as well as all the other tasks in that “section”.