Using Asana for Social Media Content Calendar



I use the calendar function of Asana to maintain my social media / content calendars. I manage 15 blogs with coordinating twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin, etc. I put every task into the Asana calendar and add followers so they know when their content will be shared and when it is completed. It has helped my workflow tremendously so that I can keep posts spread out evenly. I can also move things around easily by dragging to another date. If you have any tips or techniques for using Asana for content calendars, I’d love to hear them.

New User, filter by non dependent tasks?

@sharonsuch This is a great workflow to organize in Asana- thanks for sharing.

A quick recommendation I could make would be to add a custom field to track the social channel for each post. That way you could filter or sort by channel for easy tracking across blogs.

Also, @paulminors shared some great practices on how he manages his content calendar in the “Project Examples” board. He included some great screenshots as well that are helpful- I’d recommend checking that out.

Paul- do you have any other tips that you would recommend?


Wow, that’s a lot of content to manage. I’m really enjoying the new custom fields as a way of highlighting the status of my content e.g. “Idea” “In Progress” or “Finalised”. I also use tags to group tasks by content type e.g. Facebook, Blog, podcast etc…


Where do I find the “Project Examples” board?


Hi @Tim ! You can find @paulminors ’ post here: Content calendar

We’ve changed category names so you’ll now find this thread in the “Share Your Best Practices” category :slight_smile:


Tags vs Custom Field to track channels - spot on - because you can’t select multiple options in a custom field and content is often distributed via more than one channel @Kaitie


Very true, @Raegan_Hill I did create an “All platforms” custom field to use when I’m making the same post across all of our social media accounts but maybe tags will work better.