Additional default field in all tasks

Could we set an additional field that is populated in every task just like the assignee and due date? E.g. a priority drop-down field. Only workaround I can think of is templates, but would be hard to get everybody to use them.

Hey @Frauke_Cast based on what conditions would the priority be selected?
If there are specific triggers you might be able to automate this with the help of rules

This might be helpful as well were you can see pre-defined custom fields.

There wouldn’t really be a condition that informs that field. We just want it to be in each task, so that a user that’s getting that task assigned can set that priority either themselves or receives it filled out by the assigner. The workaround right now: user multi-homes assigned tasks in a project dedicated to hold all tasks (similar to the “my task” tab), but with that column in place where the user can then add the priority, sort by it, etc.

Hm how about adding the needed custom fields to every project so it shows? If you have a lot of projects that might be a bit tedious so for future projects you create it can help to create them based of a template which already contains all custom fields that your team needs