Synchronizing Project Status updates across Projects

I’d like to create some rules that when:

if (Task X in Project A has status changed to Status 1)
then (Task X in Project B has status changed to Status 2)

I see that when a task is created I can add it to a separate project with a specific status, but not anything for coordinating status changes.

Hi @Jessica_Terry ,

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You cannot natively change the status (custom field) of a task in another project unless you are multi-homing such task in the project where the rule is set.

You could work this around by creating a section in each project where you multi-home the tasks from the other project. Something like this:

Project A will have a section at the bottom called “Project B tasks”
Project B will have a section at the bottom called “Project A tasks”

  • That section is always collapsed and serves only as a container of tasks so that the rule can update the task’s status.
  • The Status field in Project A and B should be a shared company custom field.
  • You can in each project create a rule that goes something like this: when a new task is added to this project then add it also to the other project under the multi-home section; so that you don’t have to do this manually everytime.

Like this, you’ll be able, from Project A to update a Custom Field in Project B.