Custom Fields Push to Multiple Projects


I haven’t found a way to push a custom field to multiple projects. But there needs to be a way. If we have 50 projects, I don’t want to have to load the custom field for each one. While I can see that sending to all could be a problem, I would love to see a multi-selection of destination projects.

Also, it would be awesome to have a way to multi-select custom fields, and then multi-select the projects I want them to go to.


However a custom field can be used by other projects, but you still need to edit the project settings.

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Hi @Francesco_Alessi, I really like the idea to be able to create a custom field and automatically apply it to multiple projects at a time. That’s not possible yet, but I hope this is something we can implement at some point. As it stands, once you create a custom field in one project, it is usable across all your Organization/Workspace, which means that you can apply it to any other project; this would have to be done manually, but at least the custom field will already be configurated. :wink:

Just in case you have seen it yet, we have a handy article about Custom Fields, you can check it out here :point_right: