Can I add an additional custom field to existing projects?

Dear colleagues, is there a way to add a custom field to multiple existing projects at once?

No, unfortunately, you can only add custom fields to one project at a time.

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A very narrow use case that might help: If you have Asana Business plan, then in Workload you can Edit Effort and add a Numeric type Custom Field to all Projects in the Portfolio.

Another related suggestion: If you add the field to a Template it will be easier to create new Projects possessing the Custom Field.

Maybe one of those helps in the absence of anything else,


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Hi @Guillermo3, thanks for reaching out! As @Jerod_Hillard and @lpb mentioned, as it stands, it’s currently not possible to add a field to multiple projects at once. I also suggest you to vote for this feature in this thread: Custom Fields Push to Multiple Projects

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