Deleting fields in Task Templates

Here’s the scenario:

We have 20 custom fields in a project. All the custom fields aren’t relevant to each type of task. For example:

For tasks related to serving customers we need custom fields 1-5 which have customer information

For internal tasks we need custom fields 6-10 which have internal information

For tasks related to outside vendors we need custom fields 11-15 which have vendor information

For tasks related to dealing with government regulators we need fields 16-20 which have government regulator info.

I want to have 4 types of task templates:

  1. for customer tasks which only show custom fields 1-5
  2. for internal tasks which only show custom fields 6-10
  3. for vendor tasks which only show custom fields 11-15
  4. for regulator tasks which only show custom fields 16-20

I don’t want to show the irrelevant custom fields because there are too many irrelevant ones and it is too cumbersome and confusing. I can’t find a way to DELETE a custom field from a single task template without removing it from the whole project.

Is there a way to do this natively? Is there a known add-on to do this? Is there a workaround through some kind of multi-homing that might work?

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The approach you’re asking for isn’t supported in Asana, but there’s another way, and it will mean you needn’t have separate task templates. I’ve used it successfully in the past, so maybe it can work for you too.

Make four projects corresponding to the four task types, each with the five unique custom fields that apply to them.

Have one main project just like the one you have now, but with no custom fields defined there.

Multi-home every task to the main project and just one of the other four. That could be done with a rule if you’re on Business or Enterprise with a trigger based on Task type and the action be to multi-home to the corresponding project.

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Thanks @lpb . I’ll give that a try on my instance. Does this mean the user will need to create the task in one of the 4 sub-projects rather than creating the task in the main project?

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…and can they edit the custom fields while in the main project?

The main project is where they’ll be doing most of their work because that is where the natural workflow is.

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Yes, they can start in the main project. From there they can multi-home to one of the task type projects.

The custom fields are editable from the either the main project or the task type project.