Customize fields per task

I manage IT development and infrastructure projects through Asana. Within an individual project, I would like to display different fields in different tasks. For example, a planning task would display task owner, task category, due date, project phase. A risk task would display those fields and fields like mitigation plan, risk level, impact, etc.

How can I do this?

Hi @Kelsey_Ryvkin,

The only way I know of to achieve this would be to house the different types of tasks into different projects. You can have one master project that would display all tasks, and then based on task type create rule that would add that task to another project containing those custom fields, allowing you to fill out those fields from the “sub project”. The opposite is also true, any task created in sub projects get added to master project, then the fields would already be filled out.

One drawback to doing this, is that you are only able to update those fields from the “sub-project” and not from the “master” from list view, but you would be able to view the information from the “sub-projects” Others would be limitations on forms.

@pforumleader @ambforumleader I’m interested if anyone else has another solution for this type of need?



Thanks, Christine. I’m currently playing around with multi-homing tasks and that is somewhat sufficient. It would be extremely useful to be able to build out logic along the lines of “if field is X, display field Y.”

Welcome, @Kelsey_Ryvkin,

I agree with @Christine_Bolton’s solution as the best approach:

Note that you can update all custom field values in the master project, regardless of the project they were derived from. in the Task Detail pane (but not as columns in List view except for those defined in the master project itself).