Custom properties on project level

Hi, I struggle for the last few days on an absurd task - when I create a new project from project template (Asana), I need to pass some custom PROJECT level properties to it, such as HubSpot ID, Project stage … (I use these properties to update other external systems which I am integrating Asana with)

These properies are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LINKED TO THE TASKS IN THE PROJECT BUT TO PROJECT ITSELF. Each property should be there only ONCE PER PROJECT, not million times for each task.

When I talked to your support, I was said I need to upgrade to Premium plan to get those possibilities, so I did. When I did that, I was sent here → Custom Fields • Asana Product Guide where you talk about custom fields and you call it “Project custom fields”. But that is NOT what it is. My current understanding is that with upgrading, I only got permissions to create & manage custom properties for the TASKS on that project, not for the project itself.

Does it mean that I am only not seeing something obvious here, or has your sales representative consciously lied to me with the aim to make me upgrade? I hope that is not the case …

I am getting pretty frustrated from how your support works, to be honest :frowning:


Since you posted this in the Developers & API topic area of the forum, I’m not sure if you’re trying to do this programmatically or in the UI.

If programmatically, consider:

That is not for a project though, as you need, but also it’s not every task, just a task you pick, so that might present a possible solution.

If instead you are only using the UI, then as you described the situation, the upgrade you’d need would be Business which offers portfolios; you’d want to use a custom field at the portfolio level, which would offer a unique custom field value at the project level for each project in the portfolio.

Please reply to clarify which.



PS cc @Rebecca_McGrath and @Marie

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