Custom Fields At A Project Level - Not Task

I believe there is already a thread on this; you may wish to search for it and add your vote there.

Ran a search prior to posting and did not find one requesting this specific feature. Just ran the search again with a couple different keywords and requests still weren’t speaking to the project details page.

Do you have a link to the one you’re referencing? I’d gladly add my vote to it

Hmm, I looked too and couldn’t find what I thought I’d seen. So perhaps someone else knows.

Oh, it is hard to find. Try searching for “custom field at project level”. It goes all the way back to Sept 2016 - 3 years old this month!

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I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the one @Stephanie_Oberg mentioned, so we can consolidate votes and feedback! I hope it’s OK.

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Can you provide a link to that? I thought this was the thread for that feature – which I posted about months ago. Surprised that this feature would be in any way controversial, or difficult to implement. Of course we need to track fields at a project level. Is there a customer who doesn’t? Very few, I imagine.



has this progressed do we know. Im looking for this feature as well. Seems like a no brainier to me

@Ramesh1, Have you seen this earlier post in the this thread?


Haven’t heard anything further on this.


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@Ramesh1, Have you seen this earlier post in the this thread?

[Custom Fields At A Project Level - Not Task]( [Product Feedback](

Hi @Kenneth_Obel
, Portfolios has recently been released and addresses many of these requests including the “custom fields at a project level” in the title of this thread, as shown in
. But I’m afraid Portfolios is only available as part of a new tier called Business which is at least twice the cost of Premium, though you can request from Sales or Support a temporary free trial of it. Larry Berger Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant …


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I have figured out how to use Portfolios to add custom fields, which is great. The issue I can’t crack is - how can I filter projects (not tasks) by those custom fields. So if we have 50 projects (campaigns) live, I want someone to be able to come in and filter all 50 by custom fields so that they can see the 10 that are targeting X industry, the 5 that were initiated by Y team, etc. Does that make sense?

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@Rebecca_McGrath I believe we can consider this product feedback closed, as there are custom fields at the project level, inside Portfolios. See How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana

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