Custom fields in search results table

The custom fields feature is great and my team uses it extensively. I also use search to make reports, like all the tasks under our sprint tag.

However the search results table omits the custom fields columns. I can change “Sort” but no the view.

Please make it so I can see the same columns in the search results as in the project listing.

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@Turadg, thanks for your feedback! As you’ve noticed, Search and Project views are distinct in Asana – I’ll be sure to file your feedback that search views don’t feel as useful as the Project view with column headers. For your knowledge, we omit the custom field column header from Search views to simplify cross-project searches where Custom fields might conflict.

Does it make sense to create a separate Project called “Sprint”? In that case, rather than tagging a Task as “Sprint”, you can instead tether the Tasks to that project and have the customizable Project view you’re looking for.

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That’s a fine idea for the sprint case. We keep a single team project and
the sprint tagging was meant to be lightweight, but if we really need a
solution now we could tether instead. Another use case I have for which
that wouldn’t work: I make reports on the intersection of our team project
and other projects, like our bug tracker. This is dynamic so making a
separate project won’t work.

It makes sense that the Search view is simpler to accommodate mixing
projects. However there are columns that we have in both our team backlog
and the bug tracker. I would like some way to see those in a report.


I have this same issue. I have a long list of tasks (500 or so) which I use for tracking leads (a sort of lightweight CRM). The custom fields are very useful when working within the project view, but as soon as I wish to essentially filter (search by one custom field) the additional fields disappear which is a big shame. Would the solution not be that if you search WITHIN a single project you maintain the normal view which shows custom fields, but if you do a multi-project search you then lose that view?

@Jerome_Darker, Actually, you can see those custom field columns in your search results! See:

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Must have feature, if field not present in the task’s project on result screen, show blank or NA label.

Being able to add columns and sort / group by these columns would make a HUGE productivity improvement.

Or at least allow adding more filter options on the project’s view e.g. tags
Allow adding more than one of those.
And let save a additional project view.

Same here. Please add ability to include columns in the view of the reports. Without it they are almost unusable.