Customise the search results columns when drilling down on a Project Dashboard

I realise this was previously posted here: Drilling down on a project dashboard chart not showing all custom fields (limitation?)

However, the response given does not actually solve the problem, just explains why it occurs. I find this limitation extremely frustrating. For example, I have a dashboard field which sums the number of “Story Points” (an integer) across a set of tasks within a certain section across multiple projects.
I often want to see which tasks went into this summation, but when I drill down, I can see the list of tasks, but not what their story points are. There is no quick way to see how that aggregated value was calculated.

In general, I would like the drilldown feature to behave more like the advanced search, which does allow a custom set of fields to be shown.


Example of functionality in manual advanced search:

I agree @Bennett_Schneider - I take it you have just saved that search to access it from your starred?

No, I haven’t, because my dashboard has lots of different elements, many of which I want to be able to drill down on. It’s not convenient to have a list of a dozen custom filters on my sidebar…

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