Drilling down on a project dashboard chart not showing all custom fields (limitation?)

Not sure if this is a bug or a limitation only.
When I drill down into a project dashboard chart built with custom fields, the ‘search results’ don’t include all of those custom fields as column headers.

Example: I have a chart that sums a custom numeric field (Budget for Next Year) that is grouped by another single-select custom field (Expense Category).
When I drill down into the results, I don’t see the “Budget for Next Year” field in the columns. Which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me. So I’m wondering what I may be doing wrong. Or if this is a limitation or a bug?

Browser version: Google Chrome Version 104.0.5112.79 (Official Build) (arm64)
Desktop app Version 1.9.0

Upload screenshots below:

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@Forum-team, @pforumleader, and @ambforumleader, Any ideas here? It seem odd that two of the three custom fields that are part of the chart are shown as result columns.



I am not surprised and here’s why.

The clickthrough is based on a real search. However, I realised the following a few weeks ago:

  • if you search for tasks and include a field without placing a filter, the column is shown (that’s a handy trick we all use to see various fields in search results)
  • if you copy the search URL and share it OR refresh the page, the column is gone

So along the way there is somewhere a code that says “if no filter applied, don’t show the column”.

In your case you are not filtering on the budget, you a grouping by it, which the search does not care about.

Makes sense? That being said, that’s a bit annoying :slight_smile:


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