My Tasks organization, sorting, and filtering

I’d love to be able to sort, filter, and organize My Tasks much like we can do with individual projects. I’ve looked through a ton of community forum posts and am pretty sure I’m not just overlooking an existing solution. In My Tasks, I want to:

  1. Sort by project within custom sections [I have a section with rules established to lump everything due today or tomorrow into one place, but it’s not sorted by project. And when I sort all of My Tasks by project, I then have to comb through dozens of projects just to find the two or three tasks in each one that are due today]
  2. Show custom fields! We use # of Hours so we can plan our workloads across projects. Since those custom fields are only available on projects, I can’t see this information in My Tasks. Yes, I know I can select multiple tasks and see the summary. But I want to see it in a column just like I can do with projects.
  3. Filter as with projects (Due this week, custom filters, etc.)

I have half a mind to create a private project and assign all of my tasks to it in addition to the projects they’re currently on just to be able to do this, but I don’t want to cause confusion on my team if/when we move tasks around among team members.

Again I’ve looked at many “My Tasks” and related forum posts but I am not finding anything that addresses the above.


  1. I tried and indeed when you sort by project you can sort within sections, they disappear
  2. custom fields are not available indeed yet, you’ll be able to easily find the existing thread using the search
  3. indeed no quick filer on My Tasks view, you can use the advanced search instead.

Usually we suggest having a thread per request, 2 is already covered, 3 might be, and I believe 1 isn’t so maybe this thread should be about 1. only @Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath thoughts?

Take care

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Heather_Lyons1! We recommend users to create one thread per request as it’s easier for everyone to cast their votes for a specific feature request and for us to follow-up on :slight_smile:

We already have threads on these topics, so I suggest you to upvote for these features here:

  1. Ability to sort tasks by project within sections in my tasks view
  2. Custom Fields in My Tasks
  3. Add the same field, sorting and filtering options in projects to My Task list

These requests are on our Product Team’s radar and hopefully we can implement them in the future! We will update the main threads once we have any updates!

Don’t know how I missed those existing topics! I just upvoted each one! Thank you!

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