June '23 update: Lost ability to group by Section within custom field sorting in My Tasks

Is anyone else impacted by the removal of the ability to group My Tasks by Sections within a sort by Custom Field?
The new update oddly makes it impossible to group tasks by a custom field first and still see what section of My Tasks they’re in. This seems an illogical choice given the importance of Sections in My Tasks.

My use case
I use a custom field for task context / grouping. As part of my weekly review I’d sort by context (custom field) and turn off sort within sections. This would group my tasks by context, and allow me to see which section each task is in so I could move them around (Today, This Week, Later, etc…)

Then during the week I sort by custom field within sections, so I can see my Today tasks together but with the different contexts.

Hi @Liohn_Sherer,

Yeah. This is a very unhelpful update. I wish they would brink this functionality back in. My use case was similar to yours: I had a custom field to prioritize my tasks, and then nested underneath I would have the sections that showed the status of each task

Here’s what I used to have (see below). How everything is just bucketed by their priority with no easy way to see each task’s status

The same happened to me! I used the “Sort within sections” feature, but now it is gone :frowning:


I have found the same issue with “sorting within sections”
But only for newly created project.
In old projects everything sorts within sections


I have the same problem now. New projects won’t allow me sort by due date within sections - a very basic and required functionality !


Ugh came here to say the same… On older projects I can multi-sort within sections, but on any newer project that is no longer an option- to sort at all within sections. What gives?! Having to sort manually based on due dates or alphabetizing is REALLY time consuming and frustrating!! I hope this problem gets resolved soon.

@anon91270946, @SimonSays, @Jenny_B, and others,

This thread is about sorting My Tasks but you’re asking about sorting projects, not My Tasks.

Also, I think you’re missing something because you can sort new projects the way you want to, by due date within sections, but you must initially set it up in steps:

  1. Click Sort and choose Due date:

  2. Click the Sort button (again):

  3. You’ll see the dialog below; toggle on Sort within sections:

  1. Click the blue dot on the right and choose Save for everyone if desired.