Option to stop grouping by section / show all sections in one

We have a lot of tasks in an ongoing project that are broken up into sections. This is handy for keeping track of things.

But we also want to be able to sort all tasks by due date in the List View. Unfortunately, tasks are still grouped by section. Is there are a way of removing the section grouping, so that all tasks are shown sorted by due date?

We can do a workaround by going to the Dashboard, then clicking on the “Incomplete Tasks” cell, then sorting the lists by Due Date. However, this isn’t great, because 1. we can’t set it at the default view for the project, and 2. we can’t add additional fields to this view.

So could you please make it so that the section grouping can be removed and that all tasks can be shown and sorted in the same list.

If you click again on “sort” you can untoggle “sort within sections” and that should make the sections disappear. Does it?

(I can’t upload an image for whatever reason)


Agree with @Bastien_Siebman that the “sort within sections” toggle would be the answer.

That’s it, thanks! Not where I was expecting it to be, but it works.

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