Can you sort tasks within a Section?

I like the ability to create Sections so I can align tasks to custom areas. However, is there a way to sort tasks within Sections? I understand that the tasks are still aligned with the Section, even if you change the view, but as an example I’d like to sort tasks by due date while maintaining the tasks within Sections.


@natedlee I recommend that you play around with advanced search and experiment with the different sorting options it gives you. Custom fields will serve you well, too.

In this example I have a custom field for priority. When I view my project by custom field, the results are sorted by custom field (in bold) and organized within their sections (underlined). Would a custom field option like this work for you?

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I’ve noticed in your example here and in my own experimenting that when you sort by custom field, and then add a section (like the “Task Templates” you have in your screen shot here) An instance of that section multiplies itself to the rest of the custom fields under that custom field. Is this by design or a bug? If by design, what was the intent of that behavior?
Thanks for the response and keep up the great work!