moving tasks within section with sorting turned on

I can’t move a task within a section when sorting (eg. by date) is turned on. Or can I? Let’s say I have 30 tasks due to tomorrow and I’d like to organize them in a certain order while keeping by-date sorting - is it possible ? When I drag and move the picked task just goes back where it was originally.

From my practice, it doesn’t. My suggestion is to use sorting for picking up tasks for today => and turn off sorting for sorting them manually.

Or add priority custom fields and sort them as per priority as well.

Thanks for your tip. If I understand it correctly then it doesn’t work for me, because when I turn off sorting by date all tasks automatically mix with another (with different dates) and they become sorted by sections although the I don’t understand under what order. I could probably make a rule to put all tasks on certain date under certain section but I think it requires premium version which I don’t have.

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