Add ability to filter within specific sections in My Tasks (For example, Later section))

One big unorganized mess of tasks you have there now. Better add a filter so you can filter on project or date etc.

Since the last update the project ‘filter’ overview which there was before is now gone.
The later section has gotten complete useless this way.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Maurice_Bokma! As it stands, you can sort tasks in your My Tasks but it’s currently not possible to filter tasks. If you are interested you can also vote for: . Offer the same filtering capabilities and Custom Fields within the My Task experience Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future!

Hi Emily the problem of sorting in my tasks is that you then miss the overview of today, upcoming and later. The idea of mine is just to filter within the later section, not all! Cause for instance when I sort on project in My taks everything is sorted on project which I dont need and want. I want to have a good overview of the later part without losing the today and upcoming part. Additonal the same you might want to do for upcoming and today section. Within that view tasks can be sorted on project or date. Or maybe even both.