New Filter: Due today or overdue

Hi. I’m very keen to filter my projects by tasks that due today or overdue.

Hi @Tim_Jasper, thanks for reaching out! I believe this is currently possible. When you click the Filter icon in your project, you need to select “+ Custom Filter” and then you will see the option to filter by due today or due before today.

I hope this helps! Let me know if this is not what you are trying to achieve!

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Hi @Emily_Roman I wanted to display tasks due today or overdue, ie at the same time.
Currently the option is one or the other. Thanks Tim

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Thanks for confirming @Tim_Jasper! In this case, I recommend you voting for this request: Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example). This also supports the option to select both today and before today filters.

Thanks @Emily_Roman . Been there for two years… Not sure why Asana is so anti-filter.
Not to worry.

@Emily_Roman This would be particularly helpful in the new myTasks view. ie a filter to show tasks that are due today and overdue.