Asana Release Notes January 2022

Hi all and happy New Year! :tada:

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Projects in search results : In-app search results now include Projects in addition to Tasks and Messages. Read more about search
  • Multi-select custom fields in Forms and Rules : Now incorporate Multi-select custom fields into your Forms and Custom Rules.
  • Goal details in Inbox notifications : Easily see key information about a goal from your Inbox notification in the right pane. Learn about Goals in Asana
  • Time periods in charts : Group data in Charts by time periods to see how work is progressing over time. Get started with charts in Reporting and on Project Dashboards
  • New live training: Maximize company efficiency with Asana Business : Join our newest webinar to explore Business tier features to boost your company’s efficiency. Register here

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:


Excited to join one of those Asana Business webinars!


I’m loving Asana and all of the colours and the easy way to move things around. It’s helping a huge amount with my multi-project juggling and planning. There’s just one niggle…

Are we able to duplicate sections within projects yet in a simple manner, or is the longwinded rigmarole of creating a duplicate project still the only way? I can see from the forum that lots have people have asked for this basic function, but I haven’t yet seen whether or not it’s being addressed.

So, is it possible yet just to duplicate a section and then change the section name? (This would save so much time, which is one of the objectives of a project management system.)

If not, will it be in a future update?

Many thanks!

PS I know about the project duplication way and, so far, at least that’s quicker than keying everything in again and again.

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Hi @Diane_Wordsworth, it’s not possible to duplicate whole Sections at this time. Feel free to add your vote to this feature request if you haven’t already: Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section

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Thank you, @Rebecca_McGrath! I didn’t see that poll in the search results. My vote has been added.

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@Diane_Wordsworth My workaround for section duplication is:

  • create a master task as a “moving box” for your section
  • put all the tasks in the section as subtasks to the master task
  • duplicate the master task, which duplicates all subtasks
  • move that duplicate master task to the project you want, in the section you want
  • pull out all the subtasks so they can be tasks in that section (luckily this can now be done all at once since you can multiselect subtasks)
  • delete the duplicate master task
    We have found this to be faster and easier than project duplication.

Thank you, @Katie_Kendle. I’ll try that too. :grinning:

As the projects I have duplicated sections in don’t currently have subtasks, I found, and am trying, another suggestion I spotted in the vote link Rebecca gave me.

I’m creating a new section title, highlighting all of the tasks within a new BLANKS section, then doing ctrl + C and ctrl + V to paste into the new section. It’s a lot quicker than duplicating the entire project.

I saw that doesn’t work for subtasks and other info, so I’ll certainly try what you suggest as well.


Yeah, if you just need names of tasks, that looks like the quickest workaround! Thanks!


Time-based charts is a really big and important step. Look forward to this one.


You know it is actually already available? :grimacing: Your Monday just got a whole lot better!

Hello team,

Is there a way I can convert my single-select custom field into a multi-select custom field?

Not currently possible. You can vote for that capability here: