Asana Release Notes October 2022

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:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Desktop App icon: See priority tasks by due date in your My Priorities and set a timer for heads down focus time from the new Desktop App icon.
  • Time in Stage workflow metrics: Report on the time it takes for tasks to move through stages of work with two new reporting fields: Time in section and Time in Custom Field. See how much time tasks have spent in each section of a project or how long they’ve been assigned a custom field value. Learn about Time in Stage
  • Form submission triggers: Set a Rule to automatically move your project form submissions to a new section or project without triaging them manually. Read more
  • Metadata fields on mobile: Access metadata fields (e.g., created by, task creation time) in projects and My Tasks from the mobile app. Toggle fields on or off from within the Customize menu.
  • Goals bi-weekly update reminders: Get goal update reminders every two weeks. Select the bi-weekly option from the goal update reminder menu. More on Goal Reminders
  • My Goals drag and drop: Drag and drop goals in the order needed from the My Goals tab.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Asana now offers HIPAA compliance that can be added to Enterprise organizations. Learn more about enabling and maintaining HIPAA.

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:


Time in Stage workflow metrics… amazing! :heart_eyes:


Yaaas Time in Stage workflow metrics are going to be a game changer for us. Thank you!


I’m a bit confused with Time in Stage workflow metrics.
Each task designated in certain stage / custom field have different timeset depending on the task’s importance and difficulty.
Right now, this metric only shows the total time and avg time and this number is just going to increase as more and more tasks are added in the future.

Could anyone tell me how this could be used more efficiently?


Rebecca… I’ve noticed that the checkmark for tasks that appeared in our template and in most of our projects, goes missing in other projects. We use this to look at which tasks are completed. Can you explain what makes this happen and how to check on status when this happens?

Barb Sauer

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how do I switch organizations that are showing My Priorities in the new desktop app?

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