Form Submission Notification in Calendar View

We use calendar view for our social media calendar. When my teammates submit a request for a new post, they can’t see where their submission goes and are confused (because you have to click to list view to see new form submissions). It’d be great if in calendar view you at least get a form submission notification. Even if it’s just a pop-up number in the toolbar.

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1,000%. The form submission notifications for asana are severely lacking. We also fall into this same exact situation.

Hey @Crystal_Alifanow, form submission triggers might help?
For any form submissions you could add a comment tagging the relevant people so they don‘t miss this new task. They would then receive a notification in their Asana inbox. As another action you could then select another option in a custom field (that has a different colour) so everybody notices it in the start?

I add any relevant parties as followers on tasks once I take action as the assignee. But I am requesting a solution for that in-between time of submission and when I (as the assignee) take action. Form notifications can be improved overall.


I’m glad you see the value of the request too. Please vote for it. :slight_smile:

@Andrea_Mayer We just have premium and not business, so @Andrea_Mayer’s solution wouldn’t work for us. @Crystal_Alifanow is right…it would be incredibly helpful to get a notificaiton. Or just a default routing / rule that you can use in premium.

Hm I see @Jimmy_Lemon yeah at the moment only a few rules are available for Premium.

Another option might be taking a look at Flowsana.

Are there going to be any updates to form notifications? I am seeing lots of comments and talk about the need for email notifications for form submissions, but no answers. How do we get this moved up the ladder to have a resolution for those of us on premium (not business)?