Increase limit of 20 rules per project

Has there been any consideration to increasing the current limit of 20 rules per project?

Not at the moment @Sammye_Klein, but I’ll keep you posted here once we do!


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I would love for your team to consider this. This is a reason for me to seriously consider your competitor. I love asana, but automating redundant work is crucial to efficiency in our team.


Just got hit with this and not gonna lie, super disappointed here…

Having some SUPER BASIC rules set, (e.g. move to section updates task “status” field to the section, and vice-versa + marking task as complete updating the status to complete and vice-versa). Just with that alone, I already use up 12 rules, so now I’m left with only 8 rules to do anything of meaning.

I had no idea there was a rule limit and what’s more, even “paused” rules count toward the number of rules you can have set, so say we spend a ton of time building a robust rule, we have to delete it in order to free up a rule.

Super sad to see this especially being on the highest tier of Asana, not to mention there’s more features to come to Asana with integrations with Rules, and now we are just being told to essentially not use them much anymore with this limit in place. It feels like one step forward into a brick wall :frowning:

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Completely agree to everyone above. For larger companies, there’s no way to usefully use the rules to assign tasks to various teams when there’s a limit of 20 rules. It would be nice if there were unlimited rules, or 100-200 rule limits at least. Especially when you’re paying for the most premium version of asana.

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I’m in agreement here. An update to allow unlimited rules would add significant time savings and prevent human error for my company. This is the most critical update I think I’ve ever needed within my 2+ years of using Asana. lol… at least it feels that way right now!