Increase the limit of 250 rule actions used per month on Starter tier

I have per my mistake, asked my Asana manager to change my account to starter from premium to see if the new rules could be useful in some case. I had the sad surprise that we now have changed for the whole company and the limit of rules that I believed to be 250 per person is actually by company. Which is truly inconsistent with good business practice.

It means the bigger my company is the less Asana is useful for us. I know someone at sales is thinking, yes, that way you will buy the bigger package, but it makes no sense for us to go for a bigger package for only one function.

What will actually happen is we will stop using the rules, the feedback from our employee will be that Asana is not very helpful in the end and we will change the platform in 2 to 3 years because another platform will offer something closer to what we need.

It is so incredibly anti-client to make sure your best feature is unusable. I want to go back to premium for as long as we can be on it.

It truly saddens me that Asana is going for the let’s make it shittier for our client in the hope to squeeze an extra million.


I second this.

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Yep it’s absolutely crazy. I had to clarify this when the new limits came out and I couldn’t believe it. You get penalised for being a larger company.

Please reconsider this course of action Asana. It’s a horrible policy.


than please be sure to upvote Jacob’s original post! That’s what gets asana’s attention

Please pass it on and be sure to upvote Jacob’s original post! That’s how we get asana’s attention!

Agree! The 250 limit is very unrealistic. We are a nonprofit and even with your nonprofit pricing, upgrading our 60 person team would still be a HUGE expense just to have the amount of rules needed. Also, our entire team doesn’t use rules (varying degrees of tech saavy-ness) so there is no way I could justify an upgrade for every user when only a few users need the rule!

Another user pointed out this is only about 11 actions per day.

I use rules such as “mark as complete when moved to this section,” that are major time savers but that means all my actions are used on simple things and I don’t even have the remaining actions to explore more ways to optimize my work.

Work flows stopping working at a certain (very low) point completely defeats the purpose of the workflow.

Please raise the limit that I foresee severely lowering Asana’s helpfulness.


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thanks Richard!


Please also take a look.

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+1! 250 Actions is a complete dealbreaker for us which will very likely force us to go with a different tool like awork or clickup after using asana for many years.


100% agree! It also makes no since to have one tier at 250 and the next tier at 25,000. What a huge difference. Also, it isn’t actually counting how many rules are running. I have a 6 person team with 2 rules each which would be 12 rules a day, but we went over our limit. They said it actually counting the ACTIONs not the rule. So if you have a rule to move things due today into a “Do Today” section, and you have 50 tasks due today, that takes 50 of your 250! Ridiculous!


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Details of legacy plans are not displayed on the current website.
In past documentation, legacy paid plans included Premium. At this time, I was able to use Asana’s basic rules, but not custom rules.

If you select Starter in your current plan, the rule usage limit is 250 times. I understand that it is now possible to use custom rules instead, but is this correct?

If so, what do you think about the proposal to change the basic rule to outside the 250-time limit?

Hi @Ka_Nishiyama , this is correct. In case you missed it, here is a post comparing the legacy plans and the new plans:

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Yeah this change is insane. 250 actions per month for an entire team is basically a joke. You might as well just say no rule actions allowed. Think about a 5 person team on starter. You create a few projects where you have a rule that completed tasks move to a different section. 250 actions per month divided by 30 days is 8 actions per day across 5 people completing things. So the rule is useless. That’s why people are so frustrated. You might as well have just said starter doesn’t include any rule actions anymore, but I think you would lose customers if you do that. So instead you say 250 which sounds high until you do the math and realize that practically speaking rules are useless for even a small team. Please fix this and make it so starter can use rules. The old format of unlimited rules but not custom was a good solution that made it worth buying the starter pack. Also like someone else said, if it’s by total team/company, the larger your company grows (and I mean from 5 people to 6 peope) the more useless asana becomes. The same problem exists at the higher level too.

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Raising the limit is not a good solution. You should either have access to the feature or not. Imagine Netflix changing to “30 minutes of viewing per day unless you upgrade.” That’s what Asana is doing.