Reduce the use of Rules in My tasks (ideal for Starter plans)

Hi, we currently pay for 20 seats but only the 6 people on my team use rules. I have two rules that run for each of my six employees daily. One moves anything past due into their My Tasks “Past Due” section, and the other moves anything due today into their My Tasks “Do Today” section. This keeps us organized and our prioritized tasks at the top of our lists. Before the change, I was paying less than $300 for my 20 seat plan and we could use these rules with no issues. Without realizing the impact it would have on my team, I went ahead and updated to the Starter plan from the grandfathered Premium or whatever it was called, only to find out that we were quickly running out of rules. I emailed support to find out that it isn’t actually the number of rules that were run (which would only be 12 per day), but rather each action the rules perform. So if someone has 50 tasks that are moved to “Do Today” in one day, that counts for 50 of the 250 actions. I looked into what it would cost for us to move to the Advanced plan with 25,000 rules, and it would increase to over $600 due to the number or seats. Obviously I can’t justify the additional $400 per month to the company’s owners for 6 of us to retain this functionality, when a task/project management software should organize tasks like that for you anyway! Do you have any suggestions on how I can keep my team organized and their tasks prioritized within the 250 rule limit of the Starter plan?

Hi @Dana_Lewis , I totally feel your pain. The 250 actions per month can get consumed in ‘an instant’ with rules running in people’s My tasks.

However, if you are using My tasks with the List view, you could instead try using the fairly new ‘Group by’ button and choose ‘Due date’ from the dropdown, as per below.


Selecting this, will more-or-less recreate the custom sections you describe, automatically for you, without needing to move tasks into them, either manually or using any rules. If that display works for you, you can then safely pause or delete the rules in your My tasks that are moving tasks into sections based on date approaching.

Try it out and let me know!

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the suggestion. Sorting by due date created sections called “Due this week”, “Due next week”, etc. They are sorted by due date, so that would work but for one issue. You cannot drag and drop the tasks in an order you like. For example, I have 25 tasks due today. They are all grouped together at the top of the list, however I cannot move them around. First thing every morning I always go through my tasks for the day and arrange them in order by priority or move similar things close to each other as a way of planning my day. I feels very chaotic for all my tasks to just be in random order and it worries me I will forget something important until the last minute.

Ah yes, when Group by due date is enabled in My tasks, sorting tasks is unfortunately locked. However, in a project’s List view, you can actually sort tasks up/down as long as they are on the same day. So hoping this will come to My tasks too.

In the meantime, have you tried the Calendar view in ‘My tasks’ BUT set to Week view? I personally find this quite useful; it looks like your Outlook/Gmail calendar and you can actually move tasks up/down as you please, in the order you want to carry them out! :wink:


Btw @Dana_Lewis , I have moved our chat into a new thread in Tips and Tricks , so it is better searchable by others. Hope you don’t mind!


I do use the calendar view from time to time and I just saw that it will allow me to drag and drop them in my preferred order so this may work if I don’t find another option. I do work from project view from time to time when I am focusing on just that project, but my preferred way to work is with my tasks so I can see everything required of me in a day, regardless of tasks. The beauty of Asana has always been that I can use it to see my work from many different perspectives, along the same lines of the Getting Things Done method.

Right, but just to clarify, I meant the Calendar view in My tasks (set to Week view) - I didn’t mean for you to use the Calendar view within a project.

Yes I do use the Calendar view in My Tasks, I just prefer the list view.

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