Any way to omit tasks in certain sections from rules?

My use case is such that I have my “My Tasks” page setup w rules to move tasks around as their due dates come due per @lpb ’s tips.

I want to add a section for calls that need to be made to sticky at the top and dump any quick outreach tasks there to be highly visible for when I’ve got time to kill.

Only problem is that the due dates are getting triggered and the “call task” is getting moved back to the “Today” section with all my other tasks.

Is there any way to have tasks in a certain section quarantined from triggering rules?

Or does anyone have any tips on how to incorporate this idea? Maybe creating a private project for calls/emails?… Just liking it nested right at the top of “my tasks” page. Feels right. Would be curious if anyway to keep it there.

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I face exactly this issue myself. I use kind of the corollary to what you’re asking for: I specify all the sections I want to participate in the rule, so I’d just avoid a rule for your Calls section. This works for me because I don’t have tons of sections for the due-in-a-day and due-in-a-week rules.

I have separate rules now with two triggers: Due date is approaching and in <section>.

This will be a little more condensed in the new rules builder (if/when available in My Tasks):

Hope that helps and may work in your use case,


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Got you! OK - a little bit more work to setup. But worth it!

Thank you for enlightening me on using conditions with the current rule triggers!

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FYI the new rule builder is already available in My Tasks (it should be!).

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Still the classic rule builder in My Tasks for me, at least in one instance I was using…

I would report that as a Report a Bug , @lpb - it should definitely be available in My Tasks according to Asana and also it’s there the workspace I’m using it in.

Actually, it’s not rolled out at all to that org–My Tasks or Projects.

I think that’s expected; it’s in an A/B right now, and that org is just not in the A/B.

I do have it in other instances.



Ah, OK! :ok_hand:

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Hi @lpb - how are you getting the “Check-if” functionality in the rules builder?

I only have triggers and actions to play with. Was that a function that only existed in the previous rule builder? It appears I am on the updated one.

Actually the reverse; you still have the classic rule builder and my screenshot was the new rule builder, which is still in the process of rolling out so it will come eventually. But as you showed, you can achieve the same thing, just with multiple rules.