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I have sections, such as Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Waiting/Blocked on my My Tasks page. I defined a rule that moves a task to the Today section when the due date is approaching “due today.” However, there are some tasks that may be blocked or waiting on something else or tasks that are done with a custom status dropdown but not marked complete overall. In those instances, I moved the task to the Waiting/Blocked section. It would be great if the rules could have an exception defined to say don’t move to the Today section when it’s in the Waiting/Blocked section. The problem I’m running into is tasks keep moving back into the sections that I have rules defined on even after I’ve moved them out into a different section to wait on them.

Hi @Connor_O_Shea

I think I’m understanding what you’re saying, but if I’m not I am attaching a former thread that seems similar to your needs. @Andrea_Mayer answered this for another forum member awhile back

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Yes, it’s similar with the request for exceptions but different in that a custom field won’t solve this issue here, mainly because these are tasks in my My Tasks page across all projects. With the due date approaching trigger, it spans all sections in my tasks without any ability to exclude.

I see. I know there is an existing thread about Custom Fields in My Tasks that actually got resolved by the Asana Product Team very recently. I wonder once this is fully rolled out if this could fix your problem.

Combine the custom fields in your “My Tasks” with the due date approaching trigger?


My answer here addresses your need; basically make your rules more specific by having more than one trigger (use the + sign) to target just what you want and thus avoiding Waiting/Blocked.

You may need a few extra rules as a result.

Multiple triggers can either 1) all be required, or 2) any one be required. You would want 1) all be required.

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Thanks! I hadn’t realized you could define multiple triggers since the name “Task moved to section” is misleading.

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