Ability to apply time-based rules to sections (not entire project)

It seems that we don’t have the ability to apply time-based rules to just a section within a project. For instance, I’d like to to be able to have tasks in one section of my board move into the “today” column when tasks are due that day. But I do not want tasks from another section to move to “today” even if they are due (these would stay in a recurring task column that I don’t want moving around). Is this possible?

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There is a trigger for tasks moved to a specific section

This can then be combined with the time based trigger Rules • Asana Product Guide

And as action you can then have the task move to the section you prefer.

Alternatively you can also add a single- or multi-select custom field with options. And only tasks with a specific option selected in combination with the time trigger will be moved.

Is that what you are looking for?

Thank you for this! I know how to make custom fields with options but I’m having trouble figuring out where to add this requirement into the rule. Do you know?

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@Andrea_Mayer’s great reply offered two options and I think the first one is the simplest to focus on.

To make a rule only apply to one section, when specifying the trigger, use two triggers by hitting the “+” sign and make sure they all apply, for example, here’s a similar rule I use (my example is different than yours but the same principles apply):

Note the “When all of these triggers happen” at the top.

Also, read the second rule as "Task is in section: “Later”; it doesn’t have to actively be moved there.

See also:

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Thank you so much!

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