Ability to apply time-based rules to sections (not entire project)

It seems that we don’t have the ability to apply time-based rules to just a section within a project. For instance, I’d like to to be able to have tasks in one section of my board move into the “today” column when tasks are due that day. But I do not want tasks from another section to move to “today” even if they are due (these would stay in a recurring task column that I don’t want moving around). Is this possible?

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There is a trigger for tasks moved to a specific section

This can then be combined with the time based trigger Using Rules in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

And as action you can then have the task move to the section you prefer.

Alternatively you can also add a single- or multi-select custom field with options. And only tasks with a specific option selected in combination with the time trigger will be moved.

Is that what you are looking for?

Thank you for this! I know how to make custom fields with options but I’m having trouble figuring out where to add this requirement into the rule. Do you know?

Welcome, @Michelle_Tenuta,

@Andrea_Mayer’s great reply offered two options and I think the first one is the simplest to focus on.

To make a rule only apply to one section, when specifying the trigger, use two triggers by hitting the “+” sign and make sure they all apply, for example, here’s a similar rule I use (my example is different than yours but the same principles apply):

Note the “When all of these triggers happen” at the top.

Also, read the second rule as "Task is in section: “Later”; it doesn’t have to actively be moved there.

See also:

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Thank you so much!

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Hey, I am trying to do something similar and have tried this method, however - I am finding that tasks aren’t moving when they are due within the time period I have indicated on the rule. Any other options or explanations why this might be?

For further detail: I am working in a Marketing setting and I have a high-level dashboard of all our current and upcoming projects. I have my sections divided into “Recently submitted”, “In Review”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, etc. For projects that are due further down the line, I have a “Future Projects” section. All tasks automatically get labeled based on what section they are in (ex: any task in “Future Projects” gets the label “Future Project”).
My goal is for tasks to be moved from “Future Projects” to “Recently Submitted” section when we are 12 weeks from due date, so I know we need to start prepping for that request.
I have set up the rule as described in this thread, but tasks aren’t getting moved when they are within the 12 week deadline.
I have tried making the option be “or”, but it automatically moves my task to the “Recently Submitted” section once the task gets the “Upcoming Project” label. I have also tried removing the label requirement, but then I find any task, regardless of status, gets moved into “Recently Submitted”.
Thanks for any assistance!

Welcome, @Casey_Gardner,

I think the reason it’s not working is that you’re assuming the rule will fire if the due date is within 12 weeks but in fact the rule will only fire on a single day, just after midnight, when the due date is exactly 12 weeks away. It will not fire again on subsequent days.

Perhaps due a test with a due date of tomorrow instead of 12 weeks, and check anytime after midnight to see if that worked.



Great idea, Larry! I will try it and report back.


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Update: the rule will only run when it hits that date mark (for me, it was 12 weeks ahead). So if I entered a due date of tomorrow, the rule would not run (even after midnight).
Kind of annoying to not have a “within” feature, but as long as I get my requests in before the 12 weeks, this rule should run fine.
Thanks for the assistance @lpb !

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Thanks, @Casey_Gardner.

Note that the third-party Flowsana.net (@Phil_Seeman) does offer the “within” rule trigger option, by the way.

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